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About Us

The School Age Program offers care for children ages 5 - 12 years. Before School, After School, Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer Camps are also offered.

  • Youth Center
  • Youth Center


Check out what RAF Mildenhall Youth Programs has to offer you!

Youth Sports

  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Smart Start: Soccer
  • Baseball

  • Basketball

Instructional Classes

  • Karate Camps

  • Ballet

  • Gymnastics

  • Youth Hapkido

Participate in YC Events

  • Field Trips

  • Lock-Ins

  • Torch Club

  • Passport to Manhood

…and much more!

  • Smart Girls

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • Youth of the Year

  • Keystone Club

Pricing Options

Pick one of our pricing options that best fit your schedule. Try us out for some seasonal months, or stick with us the full year!

(Per Child)


Try us out for a month to get a good feel for what we offer.

(Per Child)


Like our program? Join us for a full year, cheaper than paying monthly!

6 Months
(Per Child)


Join us for the summer!

Youth Center Sponsorship Program


How do I request a sponsor?

Fill out the Youth/Teen Sponsor Profile Form and email to 100fssschoolageall@us.af.mil or drop of the form at the Youth Center. After we have your request, we will match you up with one of our sponsors who will be around the same age and share the same interests.

How do I become/receive a youth sponsor?

To become or receive a youth sponsor fill out the Youth/Teen Sponsor Profile Form or one can be picked up in person at Youth Center front desk, the School Liaison office. Then email it back to the Youth Center Director at robert.ramierz.2@us.af.mil or you can also bring into the Youth Center front desk. When a youth request sponsorship we will match you up according to your age and interests.

What does a youth sponsor do?

Our sponsors help other youth by providing them with information they will like to know about RAF Mildenhall and the surrounding community. It is a fun, exciting and rewarding program that helps youth transition from here to there! Being a youth sponsor will provide the youth with a less stressful and challenging move. The most important part a Youth Sponsor is to be a friend and to make them feel welcome at their new community.

What is the youth center sponsorship program?

This program matches youth ages 9-18 coming to RAF Mildenhall with volunteer sponsors their own age. This will enable them to become familiar with the base and the surrounding area. We also work with children departing RAF Mildenhall for other bases. If you are leaving RAF Mildenhall, we make every effort to contact your receiving base and get you a sponsor there.

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Contact Youth Programs


01638 545437


293 Shippea Hill Rd,
Beck Row,
Bury Saint Edmunds,
United Kingdom

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School Age Program

Mon - Fri
6:30 am - 6 pm

Closed: Mon - Fri
9 am - 1 pm

Sat & Sun & US Holidays


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