VAT Relief Program

The Value Added Tax (VAT) office provides a notable benefit to Team Mildenhall saving money and improving quality of life. The VAT program supports eligible military and civilian personnel for purchases of materials and/or services for personal use. Members who meet the eligibility requirements may make VAT-free purchases from suppliers in the United Kingdom, where purchases exceed £100.00 inclusive of VAT.

Those eligible for the Value Added Tax (VAT) Relief Program must present a valid ID and ration card. The following are instructions for using the VAT program to purchase items costing £100 or more with VAT. Do NOT purchase items until you follow the necessary steps below:

1. Find out if the supplier is willing to participate in the VAT program. (A letter explaining the program to the supplier is available at the VAT cage).

2. Identify items/services for purchase (must be like items). Selling price must be £100.00 or more (VAT included).

3. Obtain an invoice addressed to 100th FSS or 100th Force Support Squadron, the invoice must contain the following information:

Name of the Supplier (business or individual)
Supplier Address
Supplier Phone Number
Customer Name
Detailed listing of each item & price per item/service
Total Cost of Purchase (excluding VAT)
Date of Invoice (Invoices are valid for 30 days)
The VAT Office can only accept Pound Sterling Cash or a Pound Sterling Cashier’s Cheque made out to 100th Force Support Squadron. We are unable to accept personal checks, credit cards or debit cards. Go to your VAT Office with your invoice, money, processing fee, ID card and ration card to purchase a government check made payable to the vendor. The processing fee for each VAT transaction is:
E-1 to E-4 (or civilian equivalent) $8 (Pound Sterling equivalent)
E-5 and up (or civilian equivalent) $10 (Pound Sterling equivalent) Take the check and VAT Free Certificate to the supplier and purchase goods or services. Have the supplier complete the required information on the certificate. The white certificate copy remains with the supplier. The yellow copy of the certificate needs to be returned to the VAT office within 10 days of purchase and must include the signature of merchant. Failure to return the yellow certificate may result in your exclusion from future participation.



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