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Transport from the Airport

Transportation from the Airport

When traveling commercial to RAF Mildenhall or other USAFE installations across the United Kingdom you will fly into either Heathrow or Gatwick airports. There is no USO facility, but there is an information point at each airport that will be available to assist you.

Please note that civilian clothes must be worn when flying into UK airports.

For details of transportation options to get to RAF Mildenhall please contact your sponsor as soon as possible.

Plan to spend at least £250 per person on transportation from the airport to RAF Mildenhall. If you do not have a Government Travel Card (GTC), plan to use a personal credit card. 

TIP: Keep your receipts for use when filing a travel voucher during newcomer briefings.

On the day of arrival, if you have problems contacting your sponsor and unit for help with transportation issues, please call the Command Post.

Additionally, the 100 LRS Passenger Travel section or 48 LRS may have awareness of extra transportation options.

RAF Mildenhall Command Post

Commercial +44 (0) 1638-54-2121

DSN 238-2121

100 LRS Passenger Travel Section

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-5145/2929

DSN 238-5145/2929

48 LRS Passenger Travel Section

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-1854

DSN 238-1854

Luggage Restrictions

Luggage is limited to 2 pieces per person unless authorized on official duty orders. Checked luggage is not permitted in the passenger compartment.

ODR Shuttle

If you have a large family or are bringing pets, Outdoor Recreation offers a choice of transportation. All bookings must be made 7 days in advance; however, it is best to book as soon as possible. Prices vary according to the pick-up point (Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted). Pet transport is available, and for family or group bookings including parties with large amounts of luggage, this service could be cheaper than other alternatives.

For a detailed list of prices, contact Outdoor Recreation at DSN 314-238-4283 or Commercial 011-44-1638-54-4283, or visit the Outdoor Recreation website at


If you choose to travel by taxi, your sponsor can book directly with a commercial company that is authorized on to RAF Mildenhall.  Please contact your sponsor and unit for details.

TIP: Avoid taxis located at the airports as these are very expensive and are unlikely to be reimbursed.

Determine how many people will be arriving and approximately how many bags they will have.  This will help the taxi company decide what size vehicle is required to collect the person or family. 

Commercial Bus

Commercial buses such as National Express run from the airports to Mildenhall town, however, they will not enter the base, and the journey will be much longer than the other options available.

Transportation with Pets

If bringing pets, it can take a few hours to clear customs so check with the Heathrow Animal Reception Center for details, and coordinate pet transportation accordingly.  Consider additional pet transportation fees apply.  Transportation fees for pets are non-reimbursable.

If you have difficulties when you arrive, and are unable to contact your sponsor or someone at your unit, please call the command post at commercial: 01638 542121. They are available 24 hours a day and will contact your sponsor for you anytime, night or day.

TIP: There are pet travel coordinators that can be hired to help with paperwork and customs at personal expense. 

Car Rental

Upon arriving to RAF Mildenhall, you may need or choose to rent a vehicle. This will help when looking for homes, settling in, or exploring the area while you wait for your car to arrive. Below are a list of car rental places to get you started. They are not endorsed or affiliated. You will need a current driver’s license. To fill up on base you can show your PCS orders and rental agreement.