Post Office

Providing Official Mail services to units on RAF Mildenhall

Please keep your authorization memos up to date!

The RAF Mildenhall Post Office will now open at 7 am - 5 pm on Wednesdays to support shift workers. The new 7 am open time applies to the Parcel Pick-up window only.

Every 2nd Thursday of the month the Post Office will be closed 8 am - Noon for training to better serve you.


  • In & Out Processing

  • General Delivery
  • USPS Money Orders
  • USPS Stamps
  • Mailing Out
  • Parcel Pick Up
  • USPC Claims Info

Helpful Forms

Complete this worksheet to be assigned a mailbox or request General Delivery (for TDY's/Deployments less than 90 days). You will need to attach your orders to the auto-generated email.

Complete this form to request your mail be held or forwarded. For an absence longer than 90 days, a copy of your orders must be attached to the auto generated email.

Important Notes

Parcel Service Center

  • Patrons must present a Federally issued ID. CAC's, Retiree/Dependent ID's and Passports are accepted.
  • Be prepared with your box number for the clerk.
  • It is against regulation to open your mail in the Post Office. You will be asked to leave immediately if you do so.
  • Parcels mailed to Retirees will be returned to sender if they exceed 16oz and are not authorized medication.
  • Small parcels may be delivered directly into your mail box. Please ensure you are checking your mail box twice a week.


Customer Service

  • Incoming members may have a mail box opened up to 90 days prior to their RNLTD.
  • If you are going on Leave, TDY, Deployment for more than 10 days, place your mail on hold to ensure it is not returned to sender.
  • We can assign mail receptacles 60 days or less for members arriving.
  • Customers must out-process the post office prior to leaving RAF Mildenhall.
  • To be able to check another member's box/pick-up packages on their behalf, a Standing Order Form 3801 must be signed and on file. 
  • Under no circumstances can we tell you about packages or mail in your box over the phone.
  • We do not sell stamps or postage for Royal Mail.



  • To pick up Personal Registered Mail, you will need to bring your ID and the orange delivery slip (PS Form 3849). Registered Mail is picked up from the Official Mail Center doors at the back of Raf Mildenhall Post Office.
  • To mail out Personal Registered Mail, you cannot wrap the package in plastic or plastic tape. 
  • Registered Mail is the most secure way to ship parcels, however this security slows the speed of shipment, so allow extra time for delivery.
  • Insurance for the full value of the parcel (up to $50,000) is automatically included with your Registered Mail fee. 
  • All Official use of Registered Mail will be handled by the Official Mail guidelines.

Official Mail

  • Official Mail can only be sent or received by properly appointed Unit Mail Clerks. Unit Mail Clerks must have an approved 285 card or be appointed on their unit's 4332.
  • Use of extra services (Certified. Registered, Express) must be directed by regulation or law, or have an Exception to Policy memo attached to explain the need. In all cases, a 3877 must be completed. 
  • Insurance is not available for Official Mail under any circumstances, due to the Government's self-insurance policy.


RAF Mildenhall Post Office Update

The United States Postal Service’s (USPS) handwritten declaration form(s) are phasing out and will no longer be accepted starting
Thursday, August 13, 2020. To comply with the new USPS mandate, see the below two options.

Option 1: Customer Login/Registration

Use the USPS Click-N-Ship feature by visiting Create a free account, complete your customs declaration form(s) and pay using one of several approved USPS credit cards.

Option 2:
Guest Sign In

You can also print a customs declaration form on without creating an account. Pay at the Outbound Mail window when presenting your package(s) for mailing out at

What are we doing for you?

We will have two Click-N-Ship kiosks located in our Outbound Mail lobby with step-by-step instructions to better assist you with this process.


*Please note when choosing a shipping date from the list provided, the date chosen must be the same date you mail out your package(s). Otherwise, you will be required to complete a new online customs form(s).


APO and Stateside ...

PSC 37 Box …..
APO AE 09459
(Do not add country name UK, Great Britain or England)

U.K. Address

PSC 37 Box …..
RAF Mildenhall
Bury St Edmunds
IP28 8NG

Opening Times

Customer Service

COMM: 01638 54 2151

DSN: 238-2151

Official Mail

COMM: 01638 54 2245

DSN: 238-2245

Parcel Pick Up

Mon - Fri
9 am - 5 pm
7 am - 5 pm
10 am - 1 pm

Finance/Mailing Out

Mon - Fri
9 am - 5 pm
10 am - 1 pm

Priority Express mail cannot be accepted after 1:50pm

Customer Service

Mon - Fri
9 am - 5 pm
Sat, Sun, Federal Holidays,
Family & Goal Days


Beck Row,
Bury Saint Edmunds IP28 8HF,
United Kingdom

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