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Mildenhall Welcome & In-Processing

Arrival & Sign-In

All newly arrived DoD members must report to the respective squadron Command Support Staff (CSS) within 24hrs (1 duty day) of arrival into the country to get gained to the base. The CSS will provide in-processing checklists and request some information from you.

Military members are required to visit Military Personnel Customer Service within 48hrs (2 duty days) of arrival and provide the completed Initial Duty Assignment worksheet, and envelope from the previous base. 

Military Personnel Customer Service
Building 436

In-Processing Hours:
Mondays & Wednesdays: 10 am - 2 pm
Fridays: 10 am
Closed: US Holidays & USAFE Family Days

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-2222
Option 1

DSN 238-2222
Option 1

[email protected] 

Quarantine Could Be Required on Arrival

Follow the quarantine instructions based on the latest information provided by your leadership and sponsor.

Your sponsor is here to assist you with in-processing and to help you get settled in to RAF Mildenhall and the local area.

If you have any problems contacting your sponsor please call the M&FRC for assistance.

Military & Family Readiness Center

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-3406

DSN 238-3406

[email protected] 

Newcomers Orientation

All military and DoD civilians must attend the two-day Team Mildenhall Newcomers’ Orientation, which is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week (except for specific holidays).  Spouses are highly encouraged to attend all briefings.  Drivers training is required for all individuals assigned here who will be driving in the U.K.  This includes spouses, and TDY personnel. 

1. Contact the Military & Family Readiness Center

Contact the M&FRC, in Bldg. 460 to sign up for the Team Mildenhall Newcomers’ Orientation. These are mandatory briefings and as much as possible should be attended within a week of your arrival. First Term Airmen must attend this before completing the First Term Airmen Center course.

Military & Family Readiness Center

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-3406

DSN 238-3406

2. Drivers Training

Drivers training is required for all individuals assigned here who will be driving in the UK.  This includes spouses, and TDY personnel. 

Anyone planning to drive must have a valid license and attend driver’s training within 14 days of arrival. If you are married, please ensure your spouse is signed up to attend drivers’ training too.

    1. Military members: Don’t have a driving license? Please attend all briefings and you will be released as necessary before the test.
    2. Spouses: Have a UK license? Please attend Thursday briefings. The Wing Safety briefer will release you as necessary before the test.
    3. Temporary Duty? If you’re here for 45 days or longer you will need to complete the drivers’ training and test.
    4. Review the UK Highway Code to prepare for the 50 question test:
    5. More information about driving in the UK can be found here
    6. Questions about collecting your driving permit or bringing a car into the country? Call Pass & Registration.
    7. Questions about driver’s training and test? Call Wing Safety.

Pass & Registration

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-5501

DSN 238-5501

Wing Safety

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-2255

DSN 238-2255

3. Additional Spouse Orientations

Spouses are highly encouraged to attend all briefings, and an additional Spouse Inprocessing Orientation is offered on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. This is an excellent opportunity for your spouse to learn about RAF Mildenhall and the community, get connected, and discover what base agencies can offer.

For further information or support please contact the Military & Family Readiness Center. 

4. Medical In-processing

Briefings are conducted every Tuesday at RAF Mildenhall during Team Mildenhall Newcomer Orientations.  To ensure active duty member and family are enrolled in TRICARE to receive healthcare in England:

  • Airmen will need a copy of PCS orders and AF Form 1466 for Accompanied Airmen to complete TRICARE enrollment form one of four ways;
    • In-person enrollment at Tricare Office
    • In-person enrollment during Tuesday Newcomer Orientation
    • Telephonic Enrollment with Regional Contractor ISOS +44 20 8762 8384 Opt 4
    • Email enrollment, call Tricare for information. (Must have CAC enable computer for this option)
  • If you miss the weekly in-processing briefing, just call Tricare Service Center or go the clinic in Admin Section of Hospital and they will assist you.

Tricare Service Center:

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-8143

DSN 238-8143

Monday - Thursday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 am - 2:30 pm
Closed: Federal Holidays and 3rd Wednesday of the month for training.

Additional Support Provided by the M&FRC:

To get you started we can help with:

  • Basic loaner items. M&FRC may have dish pack sets, GPS and cell phones for you to borrow for a short period of time.
  • Financial support. Consider a HALO loan to help pay for lodging or housing deposit expenses while you’re waiting for allowances to start.
  • Connecting with the Personal Financial Consultant for help creating a spending plan.
  • Information and referral, volunteer and job opportunities.
  • Connecting with Military & Family Life Counsellors (MFLC) virtually or in person.

Useful Sites:

EFMP-Family Support

Stay in touch with your gaining EFMP-Family Support Coordinator at the Military & Family Readiness Center. They can provide non-clinical case management and support throughout your PCS process. EFMP-Family Support regularly organizes events, trips, and educational opportunities open to EFMP families. Contact the M&FRC to speak with the EFMP-Family Support Coordinator.

Find us on Facebook at: RAF Mildenhall EFMP. Our FB is a closed group, you will need to request an invitation to join and may be asked questions before being permitted to join.

For further information and to get connected please contact the Military & Family Readiness Center.