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Mental Health, Family Advocacy, & Health Promotions

Mental Health

The Mental Health Clinic provides psychological care, education, outreach, and prevention service for active duty members, dependents, and anyone eligible for care at the 48th Medial Group. Therapeutic services include individual therapy, couples counseling, group therapy, and psychological testing. No referral is needed to be seen. Individuals may schedule appointments over the phone or by walking in.

Click here for more information on the 48th Medical Group programs.

Emergency Services

Emergency mental health evaluations are available to all walk-in patients during normal duty hours. After hours, emergency mental health services are available at the local hospital (Emergency Room).

We rapidly assess beneficiaries for the threat of life, limb or eyesight and provide emergent intervention when appropriate.

Location: Building 935, Ground Floor

Hours: 24/7

Telephone: Commercial 01638 54-4226 / DSN 226-4226

Behavioral Health Optimization Program

The Behavioral Health Optimization Program (BHOP) offers solution-focused assistance for a wide variety of problems with a behavioral, emotional or psychological component. The BHOP provider works hand-in-hand with primary care managers to optimize behavioral health care in the Primary Care Clinics. Individuals may call the appointment line directly (ask for BHOP) or get a referral from their primary care manager.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT)

ADAPT offers assessment and treatment of potential substance-related disorders and can be utilized by all active duty members and dependents on a space-available basis. Individuals interested in services can contact the clinic Monday through Friday from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Walk-in appointments are available as well.

In addition to assessment and treatment, the ADAPT clinic attempts to reduce the risk of substance-use behaviors through prevention and outreach services. This is accomplished through educational briefings and hands-on activities. If interested in including ADAPT in an event, contact the clinic for more information.

Family Advocacy

The RAF Lakenheath Family Advocacy Program (FAP) offers a variety of voluntary personalized services to couples and families as well as in-person classes to all active-duty members and their beneficiaries. The mission of the FAP is to build healthy communities by implementing programs designed for the prevention and treatment of child and spouse abuse. Please call FAP for dates and times of classes and to sign-up or to speak with any member of the team.

Our 24/7 Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) line is 07490038170.

For more details regarding Family Advocacy programs: Visit Military One Source

Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

Commercial +44 (0)1638-52-8070

DSN 226-8070

Voluntary Services

Family Advocacy Strength-Based Therapy (FAST)

Couples and Family therapy is available on a voluntary basis. Couples will work with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to address marital or parenting stressors using Strength-Based Therapy. FAST focuses on the strengths that each individual brings to the relationship to enhance the strength of the couple as a whole. The program focuses on communication, problem solving, co-parenting, active listening skills, the military cycle and any other topics as needed.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP)

The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) offers in-home nurse visits or office visits to families expecting a child by birth or adoption, or to any family with children up to three years of age. The NPSP nurses will assist you in addressing many family-related topics including pregnancy health, prenatal education, breastfeeding support, father's role, car seat selection, normal child development, infant feeding, infant communication, infant massage, child discipline, sibling rivalry, potty training, single parenting, stress management, relationship enhancement, military lifestyle stressors, and more. NPSP also offers classes and activities geared toward expectant parents and parents of young children and can also be combined with our FAST services if desired.

Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) 24/7

The DAVA provides 24-hour telephone and face-to-face non-clinical crisis response and support to adult victims of domestic abuse, intimate partner sexual assaults, and non-offending caregivers in a child maltreatment or youth sexual assault case. The DAVA provides a broad range of services to military-affiliated victims of partner maltreatment over the age of 18. Advocacy services are provided with the goal of increasing victim safety and autonomy. Services include responding to  victims’ emergency and ongoing safety concerns and needs; providing information on programs and services available to victims and their children in  both civilian and military communities; and providing victims with ongoing support and referrals. The DAVA provides a private and confidential service to encourage victims in seeking assistance and can offer restricted and unrestricted reporting.

Ongoing Classes

Parenting with Love and Logic

Classes for parents with children of any age. Parents will learn to enhance the quality of their relationships with their children through the use of empathy, develop new skills and techniques to minimize power struggles and anger, as well as to learn how to guide children through problem solving and experiencing natural consequences. Classes are one session per week for 4 weeks.

Learn How to Chill

Participants will learn to: recognize and cope with anger, frustration, and stress; understand the emotional and physical components; and how to positively direct the resulting energy (adrenaline). Participants will experience an improved sense of well-being and self-control at home and in the workplace. Classes are one session per week for 4 weeks.

Dad's 101

New or expectant fathers will learn a curriculum of infant care, calming and soothing the infant, and how to respond to concerns and possible changes in the baby's mother. Class is facilitated by experienced fathers and is a half-day course.

The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP)

PREP workshop is offered to help couples communicate more effectively, recognize and accept personality differences, and use those differences to problem solve creatively. Classes are one session per week for 4 weeks.

Health Promotions

RAF Lakenheath Health Promotions Flight offers programs that help individuals and squadrons better understand lifestyle decisions which can lead to healthier lifestyles.  Individuals can self-refer or be referred by a provider.

Commercial +44 (0)1638-52-2851

DSN 226-2851