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Manpower & Organization

Manpower & Organization Flight serves as the focal point for all manpower requirements, organization, manpower resources, and performance management issues. Manpower provides management consultation to improve effectiveness, resource efficiency, and resource savings for the 100th Air Refueling Wing and 501st Combat Support Wing.


Consulting Services

The Manpower & Organization office offers more than just what they are known for. Beyond that, we offer Management Advisory Studies (MAS)/Consultant Services that assist Air Force managers in achieving mission objections.

If you are interested in the manpower office conducting a MAS/Consultant Service, please give them a call or email.

Continuous Process Improvement
(CPI) Program

Making continuous improvements has always been a challenge in our day-to-day activities. However, one must think, “How can my process be better?” Or “Is there a better way of doing business?”

Your entire leadership chain cares about making life better for the unit and this is where your local manpower office comes in:

  • We can facilitate CPI workshops if the organization is unable to find trained facilitators in their squadron or group
  • Help in data collection for your events


How do I get authorized strength number for my unit?

Please contact the manpower office, 238-4332 for assistance. Your Commander's Support Staff office or resource manager should also have that information, as they work together with the manpower office to support your unit. 

Why won't the Manpower Office give us enough people to do all the work?

Manpower deals with "spaces" not "faces." We work with maintaining the authorizations on a unit's Unit Manpower Document (UMD) and are responsible for things such as grades and AFSCs. The personnel system assigns people against those authorizations.

Then why can't Manpower provide more authorization?

In most cases, manpower authorizations are established by manpower determinants which relate programmed manpower equation based on such things as the length of the course and the number of students programmed in each class. The programmed student entries for a fiscal year are used to calculate the number of classes and students going through the course. That information is in turn entered into an equation that calculates the number of instructor authorizations that will be put on the UMD for that course.

Can you develop a variance for us because of the extra work we do for other offices?

If the work being done is included in the Process Oriented Description, or POD, that is part of the other work center's manpower standard, then only the owning work center may receive credit for doing that work. If it is work not included in another work center's POD, nor is it in your POD, then it must be directed by higher headquarters in order to qualify for a variance.

Your office applied a new manpower determinant to our organization which resulted in an increase of four requirements, but two of them were placed on the UMD as unfunded. Why didn't you fund all four positions?

The Manpower community does not own manpower resources. The functional community controls them. Manpower's role is to help the functional's at the local and headquarters levels manage those resources. Air Force end strength is the ultimate constraint on how many authorizations may be funded. To the degree that the aggregation of all requirements established by manpower determinants exceed end strength, those resources can only be placed on the UMD as unfunded requirements.

Can we ever get them funded?

Yes. Savings within your wing, such as from other requirements decreasing or ending, can often be applied to fund up unfunded requirements. Sometimes the MAJCOM can also find the resources in the same manner. In the example of course manpower standards, HQ USAFE can realign savings from one training group to another. Also, other commands sometimes transfer resources to USAFE to fund up new courses that they need to send their personnel to attend.


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