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Gateway Inn

RAF Mildenhall
  • General Information

    The Gateway Inn is an Air Force Inns facility made up of Distinguished Visitor’s Quarters (DVQ), Visiting Quarters (VQ), extended-stay Temporary Living Facilities (TLF), and pet friendly extended-stay Temporary Living Facilities (TLP). The Gateway Inn is centrally located on RAF Mildenhall, within walking distance to the passenger terminal.

    Air Force Inns Promise

    Ensuring our guests have a clean, comfortable room to guarantee a good night's rest and pleasant stay is our goal. If any part of your stay with us is not satisfactory, please let the lodging manager or front desk know so they can try to make it right for you.

    Guest Services Desk

    The Guest Services Desk is located in Building 459 and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. If there is anything you need to make your stay more comfortable, please visit the desk or contact us by dialing “0” on your room phone.

    Call us commercially at +44 (0)1638-54-2407 or DSN 314-238-6001. If you are calling from your room, just dial “0.”

    Check-in and Check-out

    Check-in begins at 1400 hours and check-out time for all quarters is by 1100 hours. Please abide by the scheduled check-out time so the room may be cleaned for the next occupant. A late check-out fee (an additional night’s room charge) may be assessed on your account if departing after 1100 on your scheduled check-out date. If you have special circumstances that require a late check-out, please contact the Guest Services Desk as soon as possible.

    Business Suites Service for Express Checkout

    Guests may pay their room, sundry and telephone charges prior to departure by using the payment envelope provided in the room. This enables you to leave your key in the room and depart without having to make a return trip to the front desk. Please fill out the credit card slip completely when paying by credit card. Please check with the front desk clerk prior to filling in blanks for your total charges due.

    Payment Methods

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and personal checks/cash for the amount of purchase or payment. Checks may not be written for cash. A $25.00 service charge will be assessed for all checks returned for insufficient funds by the bank.


    • Crew Transportation: 238-2339/01638-54 2339 (Commercial)
    • Passenger Movement: 238-2061/01638-54 2061 (Commercial)

    Emergency Services

    • Emergency Services: 226-4226/01638-52 4226 (Commercial)
    • Medical Appointment Line: 226-8010/01638-52 8010 (Commercial)
  • Reservations and Extensions

    The Gateway Inn is open to all eligible DoD patrons and their immediate family members. If you are not traveling on military orders, we accept reservations on a space-available basis. All requests must be accompanied by a Visa, MasterCard or American Express to guarantee the reservation.

    To make a reservation online, go to the DoD Lodging website at: and follow the prompts to book your room.

    If you would prefer to speak with a guest services representative, give us a call commercially at +44 (0)1638-54-2407 or DSN 314-238-6001.

    Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

    Military guests who are in-processing from a permanent change of station are entitled to stay in our temporary lodging facilities for up to 30 days, per AFMAN 34-315. However, your reimbursement allowance may be for a different amount of time. Please contact the Finance Office and the Housing Office for questions on per diem rates, entitlements and guidelines for your Lodging stay.

    Some guests may need to extend past their 30 day limit. This can be granted based on availability, and must be approved in advance of the check-out date. Requests for extensions must be made by calling the Front Desk as soon as possible.

    Space Available Policy

    The Gateway Inn accepts Space Available reservations in accordance with the following guidelines:

    • Arrival May through September - reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance of arrival; for stays of up to 7 days at a time.
    • Arrival October through April - reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance of arrival; for stays up to 30 days.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Front Desk Staff via email at 100fss/

    Room Rates

    Room Rates per Night (effective from Oct. 1, 2022):

    • Distinguished Visitor Quarters: $194
    • Visiting Quarters: $161
    • Temporary Lodging Facility: $178
    • Temporary Lodging Facility (Pet Friendly): $178 + $10 (Additional Pet Fee per Night)
  • Pet Units

    Our Policies

    The Gateway Inn has pet-friendly temporary lodging facilities available on a first come, first served basis. For information on these units contact the front desk. There are designated walking areas with rest stations on the north and south side of Building 104, our pet-friendly TLF building.

    Pets are not allowed in any lodging facility that is not designated pet-friendly. A cleaning fee of $200 will be assessed to your room charges if pets are found in a non-designated pet-friendly room and the guest will be asked to find lodging elsewhere.

    Please be aware of the following guidelines:

    • Pets must be leashed at all times when outside of the room.
    • Pets must never be left outside without their owner.
    • All units will be checked by housekeeping daily, even when service is not required.
    • Pets must be kenneled in the room if the guest is not present.
    • Guests are required to pick up after their pet.
    • Guests are responsible for any damage caused by their pets.

    NOTE: In order to check in, gusts MUST provide a copy of their pet’s vaccination records.

    Local Pet-Friendly Hotels

    • Riverside Hotel 01638 717274
    • Lakenheath Hotel 01842 86069
    • Heathcourt Hotel 01638 667171
    • Bell Hotel 01842 754455
    • Woodlands House 01368 728888
    • Ramada Hotel 01284 760884
    • University Arms 01223 351241
    • Priory Hotel 01284 766181

    Note: Many of these hotels will charge an additional nightly fee for pets. Please check with the hotel for current rates.

    Pet Boarding Kennels

    Pets are not allowed in lodging quarters (other than in designated pet rooms) for health and sanitation reasons. Pets MUST be boarded at kennels PRIOR to checking into your quarters.

    • Breckland Kennels
      3 The Mount
      Lynford Road
      Mundford, Norfolk
      • Telephone: 01842 8783301
    • Rushbrook Kennels
      Rushbrook Lane
      Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
      • Telephone: 01284 766992
    • Forest Boarding Kennels & Cattery
      The Homestead
      Mundford Road
      Weeting, Brandon, Suffolk
      • Telephone: 01842 811320
    • Pine Farm Kennels & Cattery
      Wilde Street
      Beck Row, Suffolk
      • Telephone: 01842 860432
    • Pinefield Boarding Kennels & Cattery
      Lingheath Road
      Brandon, Suffolk
      • Telephone: 01842 811519
    • Country Club Boarding Kennels & Cattery
      Qua Lodge Dolver Dove
      Soham, Cambridgeshire
      • Telephone: 01353 721196

    NOTE: There are other boarding kennels available in the local area. Lodging does not endorse any pet accommodations. These accommodations are provided for informational purposes only. Phone numbers are subject to change.

  • Amenities

    Our rooms are equipped with many useful amenities to help your stay be pleasant and comfortable. It is our earnest desire to maintain a warm, relaxing atmosphere for you. Listed below are a few items provided for your comfort. Please keep in mind that not all rooms have the same brand or type of equipment, so instructions may vary from room to room. If you experience difficulty, please contact housekeeping or the front desk staff for assistance.

    Front Desk Amenities

    Our Front Desk is located in Building 459. The desk and all services are open and available 24/7. If you have a question, feel free to contact one of our guest services representatives by dialing “0” on your room phone or call us commercially.

    Front Desk +44 (0)1638-54-2407 or DSN 314-238-6001.

    Forget Something? Our sundry store is fully stocked with commonly forgotten items, a selection of snacks and beverages, as well as a variety of British souvenir retail items.

    Our Business Center has computers and a printer available for your use. Documents can be scanned and/or faxed by one of our guest services representatives.

    Our Coffee Bar is stocked with complimentary hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

    DVD players can be checked out from the desk on a first come, first served basis.

    Lost and found items are kept in a secured area, adjacent to the front desk. Misplaced items will be kept for 30 days before being disposed of according to local procedures. There is a $10 processing fee, plus any shipping charges, for items returned to a guest through the mail.

    Base Maps are available upon request at the front desk.

    Toy boxes can be checked out from the desk on a first come, first served basis.

    Automated Wake-up Calls can be set up upon request by calling the front desk. Or, dial “73050” on your room phone and follow the prompts.

    In Room Amenities

    Wireless Internet is available throughout the Gateway Inn buildings. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Guest Services Desk. Please note this is a public connection over a commercial internet service provider and you should always maintain proper OPSEC.

    Electric Supply: Our facilities have 220/240, and 110 voltages. Check your personal appliances to ensure that they are set to 220/240 watts BEFORE plugging into a British outlet. There is no all-in-one adapter/voltage converter. If in doubt, please call the Guest Services Desk for assistance.

    Pack & Plays are available for our TLF guests. If a pack & play is not readily available in your room, please contact housekeeping or the front desk to have one delivered to you.

    Mini-Bars are located in all DV Suites and are stocked with popular resale items. Please pay for these items using the pre-printed inventory envelope in your room by check or cash. If preferred, please ask the guest services representative to add these items to your room folio.

    Irons and ironing boards are provided in each room for your convenience. Please do not leave the iron plugged in or unattended. If using the steam feature on the iron, please empty all water out of the iron after each use.

    Fans are placed in every room for guests to use.

    Lodging is unable to provide space heaters in our rooms. Please contact the front desk with any heating issues you may encounter.

    Room Appliance Instructions

    Room Safes are located in every unit. To operate the safe follow these instructions:

    • To Lock: Enter any 4 digit code, then press the "LOCK" (#) Key, the word "CLOSED" appears.
    • To Open: Re-enter 4 digit code, the word "OPENED" appears and the safe will be opened.

    IMPORTANT: Please leave the safe open when checking out.

    Coffee Makers: The coffee maker is provided for making coffee, tea, or hot chocolate only. Please do not overfill the water reservoir. Please ensure the coffee maker is turned off when not in use.

    Instructions for 12 cup coffee maker: Place a filter pack in the brew basket. Fill the carafe to the fill line with cold water and pour the water slowly into the water reservoir. Replace carafe under the brew basket and press the start button on the unit to start brewing. When the light goes out, the coffee is ready.

    Microwaves are provided in all rooms. Please ensure metal utensils are not used when cooking items in the oven. If your microwave is a push button model, follow these basic instructions for use:

    • When cooking on HIGH, simply set cook time by touching the number pad for the desired amount of time and push the START button. Please note: with some models you will need to push the COOK button before entering the cooking time.
    • For cooking at different power levels, set the cooking time, then push the POWER button and then the power level desired (9-High, 7-Med, 5-Med Low, 3-Low, 1-Warm).

    Alarm Clock Radios are located on the nightstand by the bed. The clock is automatically set to our Standard Time (GMT). Instructions for setting up the alarm are as follows:

    • Press the Alarm Set Button. The wake time on the display will flash. Press the - or + button to set the alarm time.
    • Press alarm on/off to set time and to turn on/off alarm clock.

    NOTE: Press wake to choose a sound of tone or radio for alarm sound.

    Television Channels

    Cable Television service is provided in all rooms. Notify the front desk if you are experiencing any difficulties.

    Channel List:


    Lodging Informational Channel


    AFN Prime Atlantic


    AFN News


    AFN Sports 1


    AFN Prime Pacific


    AFN Spectrum


    AFN Sports 2


    AFN Family


    AFN Movies


    BBC 1


    BBC 2




    Channel 4






    POP (Children’s Channel)


    BBC News


    BBC Parliament




    Sky News


    CBS Justice


    CBBC (Children’s Channel)


    CBS Drama


    ITV 2


    ITV 3


    ITV 4

    Room Phone Instructions

    The telephone in your room has the capability to dial DSN, commercial, on-base and off-base. Commercial, local, and long distance phone calls will be billed to your room. The average connection charge from local carriers is approximately $0.20. If you experience any difficulty making calls, please contact the Guest Services Desk.

    • In case of Emergency: Dial 999 or 911
    • Room to Room: 238 + (Room Number)
    • Front Desk (Mildenhall): 238 - 6001 or “0”
    • Base Operator: 88 + 238 - 1110
    • On Base Calls DSN: 88 + 238 + DSN Number
    • RAF Lakenheath/Feltwell: 88 + 314 + 226 + 4 Digit Extension
    • DSN International Calls: 88 + DSN Country Code + Number
    • Off Base Local Calls: 99 + Number (charges apply)
    • 1-800 Numbers (US): 99 + 001 + 800 + Number (charges apply)
    • Long Distance (US): 99 + 001 + Area Code + Number (charges apply)
    • Long Distance (Int’l): 99 + 00 + Country Code + Number (charges apply)

    NOTE: Calls placed using 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866 shall be charged at the United States long distance rate of $0.45 per minute.

    To Retrieve Messages from Your Telephone Mailbox

    To retrieve and/or delete messages from your room, press the message button and follow the voice prompts. (Default Password: Room Number).

    To Retrieve Messages from Your Telephone Mailbox

    To retrieve and/or delete messages from your room press the message button and follow the voice prompts. (Default Password: Room Number).

    Receiving Calls

    • From the UK: 01638 54 + room number
    • From the US: 011+44+1638 54 + room number
    • From DSN: (314) 238 + room number

    Telephone Billing Rates

    • Calls to the United States: $0.45/minute
    • Calls to other countries $1.20/minute
    • Calls to Local Area $0.15/minute
    • Calls to the London: $0.20/minute

    NOTE: Calls placed using 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866 shall be charged at the United States long distance rate of $0.45 per minute.

    Please DO NOT unplug the phone cable.

    Laundry and Ice Machines

    Washers and Dryers are provided free of charge. Dispensers are available in our laundry rooms to purchase detergents and softeners, or you may purchase them at the Guest Services Desk. Your room key will open the door to the laundry rooms. Laundry rooms are located as follows:

    • Bldg 104 Second Floor
    • Bldg 237 First Floor
    • Bldg 481 Second Floor
    • Bldg 238 First Floor
    • Bldg 464 Third Floor

    The in-room washers/dryers in Bldg 105 can be found in the closet near the kitchen. These are British washing machines, and they operate differently than American models. These machines are smaller, require less detergent, and the door locks as soon as you start the machine. Loads may take upward of 90 minutes to complete a cycle.

    Dry cleaning and alterations are available at the AFFES dry-cleaners located across the street from the Keesler Federal Credit Union.

    Ice Machines are located in each building.

    • Building 104 Ground Floor: center, by the stairs
    • Building 105 Second Floor: one on either end of the building
    • Building 237 Third Floor: by the play area
    • Building 238 Ground Floor: center, by the stairs
    • Building 464 Second Floor: by Room 6138
    • Building 481 Second Floor: in the Laundry Room
  • Guest Responsibilities

    Visitors in Quarters

    Occupants are authorized to receive visitors in their rooms. Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of their visitors and for any damages incurred. Visitors shall not be given keys to rooms and must be accompanied by their sponsor at all times.

    Room Etiquette

    • Keep all valuables out of sight, stored securely in luggage or in the provided room safe.
    • Please refrain from storing bicycles in rooms or stairwells. A sheltered storage area is available upon request.
    • Firearms, ammunition, or weapons of any kind are prohibited in lodging quarters. Security forces can assist with the storage of firearms.
    • Automobile maintenance or washing of vehicles should not be attempted in the transient parking area. The Auto Skills Center has excellent facilities; their hours of operation can be found in the “Base Facilities” section of this directory.
    • Please do not relocate the electronic equipment or furnishings within your guest room.


    • Please keep rooms neat and orderly by picking up and keeping personal clothing stored in appropriate storage areas. Housekeepers are not authorized to handle personal items to clean the room. Any items left on the bed, floor, or dressers will prevent the housekeepers from making the bed, dusting, or vacuuming the room.
    • If The Do Not Disturb sign is not removed from your door by 1300, we will not be able to service your room. Please contact the front desk if you wish to set up service after this time. Service will be provided as long as housekeeping staff is still on the premises. For health and safety reasons, housekeepers are required to enter rooms every 3 days regardless of a Do Not Disturb sign posted on the door.

    Please note: In accordance with Covid safety protocol - Guests are required to exit the room when Lodging Staff is working in the room.

    A cleaning fee of $200 will be assessed to your room charges if your quarters are beyond housekeeping standards.

    TLF Policies

    • All pots, pans, dishes, and utensils in the kitchen must be washed by the guest prior to departure. A $200 cleaning fee will be assessed if dishes are not washed properly and put away.
    • Parents are advised to accompany their young children at all times while staying in lodging. In cases where children need to be left in the lodging room, please follow base guidelines.
    • Parents who do not exercise sufficient supervision over their children will be asked to leave.
    • Playground areas are located around our family temporary lodging buildings. Children must be supervised at all times while using the play equipment.

    Smoking or Vaping

    • All rooms are nonsmoking – to include e-cigarettes. Please refrain from smoking inside of the building.
    • If smoking in the room is found and confirmed, a cleaning fee of $200 will be assessed to your room charges and guest will be asked to leave.
    • Designated smoking areas are located outside of Building 105, 237 & 238 and Bldg 481. Signs are posted identifying the designated smoking areas. (Please see map for designated smoking areas) If you have any questions, contact the front desk.

    Fire Safety

    • Do not store flammables (gasoline, charcoal, lighter fluid, oil base paints, etc) in your room.
    • Non-commercial or personal cooking appliances are not authorized for use in the rooms. Please use only the cooking devices that are provided in the rooms.
    • Exercise caution when handling hot appliances such as irons, kettles and coffee pots. Appliances should not be placed in drawers or cabinets where they could catch fire.
    • Use of multiple plugs is limited to low amperage appliances only. Do not exceed 15 amps to prevent overload of electrical circuits.
    • Portable charcoal grills should be placed at least 10 feet away from any facility.
    • Electrical appliances should be turned off before leaving the room.
    • Candles/incense, or any other open flame is prohibited.
    • Your room is equipped with a very sensitive smoke detector. When the alarm is activated, the removal of the detector will not stop the transmission of signal to the Fire Department.
    • It is illegal to tamper with, falsely activate, or damage fire extinguishers, installed fire detection systems, or break-glass stations.

    Quiet Hours

    Please be considerate of other guests by observing quiet hours between 10 pm - 8 am.


    • Please note while staying in guest quarters, all supplies, equipment, and fixed assets are your responsibility. Damage to the television, remote control, bedding, furniture, or carpeting will result in reparation, replacement and/or cleaning at your expense.
    • Lodging linens used to clean cars, boots, makeup, etc. may result in your account being charged to replace destroyed linens.
    • Linens taken from the room will be billed to your account to purchase replacements.
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping


    Guests can request maintenance service by:

    • Housekeeping – Notify your housekeeper. They will notify our maintenance staff and the issue will be resolved as quickly as possible.
    • Telephone - You may call the front desk to report any maintenance issues by dialing “0” from your room phone, or, call us commercially at +44 (0)1638-54-2407 or DSN 314-238-6001.

    Maintenance Emergencies

    Emergencies such as a leaking roof or broken HVAC should be called into the front desk immediately.

    NOTE: We ask that our guests be patient with our staff, contractors, and base CE on all repairs. If the repair is not easily accomplished or the room becomes unserviceable, we will attempt to relocate you to serviceable quarters.

    Housekeeping Information

    We understand that our guest expectations for cleaning and disinfection have changed. We are committed to delivering a clean and safe environment by following safety protocols. Gateway Inn has expanded our existing health and safety processes to provide an in-depth cleanliness and disinfection protocol in order to deliver an even cleaner stay for our guests.

    Part of this commitment includes the following changes:

    • Scheduled full housekeeping service has been discontinued in order to minimize contact. All guests can leave trash and dirty towels outside their door daily to be replaced. We will provide full housekeeping service every 7 days, but we kindly ask that guests exit the room while we do so. While the housekeeper is in your room, they will provide a full service (see Housekeeping Requirements for more details). Please coordinate with your housekeeping staff if there is a specific time you would like this service provided.
    • If you do not wish service, please place your “Do Not Disturb” on the door and our staff will not disturb you. We request that you place your dirty linen and trash in the bins provided at the end of every hallway.
    • If you are self-isolating or suspect quarantine is necessary, please make the front desk aware as soon as either status is confirmed. At the time we are notified, our housekeeping is be notified and your isolation period will not be disturbed.
    • Please be patient as we navigate through these uncertain times. The housekeepers will concentrate on checkouts first and then accomplish the trash and towel service while disinfecting and performing the rest of their normal duties.
    • If you require any assistance or need something immediately during business hours, please call the Front Desk by pressing “0” or commercial “01638-546001” and they will relay your requests to the Housekeeping Department. Thank you for your understanding.

    Housekeeping Requirements

    Below are details of the “full service” includes:

    Full Service

    • Wastebaskets (empty and clean)
    • Restock coffee/Tea (upon request)
    • Change sheets
    • Replace Bath Linens
    • Light Dusting
    • Thorough cleaning of Bathroom
    • Mop/Vacuum Floors

    Should you have any questions or requests, please contact the Guest Services Desk at 238-6001.

    Note for Pet-Friendly TLF occupants

    • Pets must be in kennels to allow housekeeping to enter and provide room service.
    • Guests must provide a copy of the pet vaccination records on or before check-in. A copy of the records can also be sent to the Lodging org box at 100fss/

    If you have a special housekeeping request, do not hesitate to speak with your housekeeper or call the Front Desk.

  • Dining

    On-Base Dining

    The Galaxy Club

    The Galaxy Club does it all from daily lunches, which include Southern & Italian Buffet, freshly made pizza and specialty Breakfast Burritos or Turkey Burgers from the Roadhouse Grill. We also offer a monthly Member’s Appreciation Meal for the whole family.

    The Gateway Dining Facility

    RAF Mildenhall’s Gateway Dining Facility reflects an unmistakable old world charm. But the menus have come a long way since the facility housed the “Airman’s Mess.” Follow the link to find out the Daily Menu and more information.

    The Daily Grind

    Make your way over the Galaxy Club and grab a cup of your favorite beverage from The Daily Grind. Check out the menu to find see your choices.

    The Bowling Center

    You can visit the Bowling Center not just to bowl. Aroy-D is a lunch time favorite of many. Follow the link to check out the Bowling page for the menu.

    AAFES Food Court: 01638 581226/7

    AAFES food court is located in the BXTRA. The choices include:

    • Bun D – salads, wraps, bowls;
    • Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins – Donuts, coffee and ice cream;
    • Taco Bell;
    • Pizza Hut – on base delivery available;
    • Burger King.

    Food Trucks:

    A Variety of food trucks are located around RAF Mildenhall. Please check out Base Exchange Facebook page for full calendar.

    Please check out for your copy of the FSS Get up & Go magazine and a listing of FSS activities, including restaurants, hours of operation and special events!

    Off-Base Dining Facilities

    Anatolia KebabsBeck Row, IP28 8AJ01638 715947
    Bird-in-HandBeck Row, IP28 8ES01638 713247
    Emily’s Tea RoomMildenhall, IP28 7EF01638 715503
    En Thai SingMildenhall, IP28 7HB01638 718000
    Riverside HotelMildenhall, IP28 7DP01638 717274
    Half Moon PubMildenhall, IP28 7HS01638 515413
    Kentucky Fried ChickenMildenhall, IP28 7EF01638 712194
    Dragon House ChineseMildenhall, IP28 7ER01638 712087
    Ghandi (Indian Tandoori)Mildenhall, IP28 7EQ01638 712209
    Pizza ShanghaiMildenhall, IP28 7EF01638 510828
    Domino’s PizzaMildenhall, IP28 7EF01638 716888
    The Walnut TreeWorlington, IP28 8RU01638 713345
    The Bull InnBarton Mills, IP28 6AA01638 711001
    Pancake & Waffle ShackBarton Mills, IP28 6AE01638 583700
    McDonalds (24hrs drive thru)Barton Mills, IP28 6AE03705 244622
    The Golden Egg (take out)Eriswell, IP27 9RX01638 532979
    The ChequersEriswell, IP27 9BH01638 533000
    Green Box SushiLakenheath, IP27 9JS01842 862688
    FilipinianaLakenheath, IP2 9JS01842 862660
    Peach BowerBrandon, IP27 0AA01842 811131
    Frankie & Benny’sBury St. Edmunds, IP33 3BA01284 748000
    ASK (Italian Cuisine)Bury St. Edmunds, IP33 3BA01284 723400
    GiraffeBury St. Edmunds, IP33 3BA01284 753013
    Benson Blake’s (gourmet burgers)Bury St. Edmunds, IP33 1SQ01284 755188
    Pizza ExpressBury St. Edmunds, IP33 1LW01284 704802
    Zen NoodleBury St. Edmunds, IP33 1RF01284 723559
    Prezzo’s (Italian)Newmarket, CB8 8LT01638 669676
    The Eagle PubCambridge, CB2 3QN01223 50502
    Jamie’s ItalianCambridge, CB2 3QJ01223 654094

  • Chapel Schedule


    • Daily Mass- (Tuesday to Friday) 11:30 a.m. or check posted monthly calendar
    • Sunday Mass- 11:15 a.m. Bldg. 99
    • Reconciliation- Sunday 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. or by appointment


    • Sunday Community Service- 9:30 a.m. (Lakenheath) 11:00 (Mildenhall)

    Evangelical Lutheran Service

    • First Sunday of the Month at 1800 (Lakenheath)

    NOTE: Currently, there are no Catholic services for RAF Mildenhall Chapel. All Catholic services stated above are all for RAF Lakenheath. For other religious (i.e. Muslim, Jew, etc.) inquiry please call the Mildenhall Chapel at 238-2822 or Lakenheath Chapel at 226-3711.

  • Attractions

    East Anglia

    RAF Mildenhall is located in the district of East Anglia, a name derived from an ancient Saxon Kingdom ruled by the Angles. Today it is a title to include the counties of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, the area between the Wash to the North and the River Thames to the south.

    The district’s name sums up the character of the countryside within its 144-square miles; chalk heathland at Newmarket, the Breckland area of sandy soil and heathland around Brandon, the woods of Thetford Chase (one of Britain’s man made forests), and the typical black peat fenlands bordering Cambridgeshire. These flat lands with raised roads provide some of the richest soil in Britain and an abundance of vegetable produce. The two rivers, which run though the district, are the Little Ouse and the Lark.

    Local Villages


    Located about three miles southwest of RAF Mildenhall, Mildenhall has a nice selection of recreational facilities, including an indoor swimming pool at the Dome Sports Centre. For a small town, there are nice variety of shops and the modern shopping precinct blends well with the old houses around the original market square. The outstanding landmark here is the market cross, said to date from the 16th century. The parish church of St. Mary’s, across the market place, is one the great churches of Suffolk. The name Mildenhall is said to be derive from the Saxon “Moel-den-hall”, meaning sandy plain or enclosure, which indicates Mildenhall has not been surrounded by woods.

    Many interesting antiques have been found in this area, including the famous Mildenhall Treasure. The story of finding the treasure and other interesting local history facts can be seen in the Mildenhall Museum on High Street.

    The Rows

    West Row, Beck Row and Hollywell Row, or “the Rows” as they are collectively known, are all within 1.5 miles of RAF Mildenhall. Also in this area are Wilde Street, Burnt Fen, and Kenny Hill, from where it is possible to see the towers of Ely Cathedral 15 miles away.

    Newcomers often mistake beck Row for Mildenhall Village because it is located so close to the base.


    Lakenheath is located in the north of the district, about five miles from RAF Mildenhall. The Lakenheath parish church has a massive chambered tie-beam roof and a wonderful set of 15th century carve benches.

    Santon Downham

    This lovely quiet village is set in the forest on the south bank of the river Little Ouse, about one mile from Brandon. The village was built on the shifting Breckland sands that in the 17th century these sands almost buried much of the surrounding countryside.


    Brandon lies in the extreme north of the district of the south bank of the Little Ouse about ten miles from Mildenhall. It is surrounded by heath and fenland. The extremely sandy soil has been contained by planking taken from the woodlands of Thetford Chase in 1920. The forest covers an area of nearly 80 square miles reaching across Suffolk and Norfolk. Flint has played a significant part in the historic development of Brandon. As well as being used in buildings, it was mined in the early Neolithic days for use as arrowheads and other implements. The prehistoric flint mines, at Grimes Graves, just three miles across the county border of Norfolk, are open to view.


    This village is about three miles from Brandon, it is also the location of Center Parcs, a holiday resort-type village which opened in 1989. Also two miles from the village is a towering Corinthian column. The column was erected as a war memorial after World War I. It stands 113 feet high with an urn at its top.


    Icklingham is located on the north bank of the River Lark. This district is noted for many relics left by the previous British, Roman, and Saxon inhabitants of West Suffolk.


    With a population of more than 16,000, Newmarket is the largest town in the district. It is a major residential, market and shopping center. It also has an indoor swimming pool and sports center. Distinctive feature of Newmarket, at the opposite ends of the High Street (same as our Main Street), are the Jubilee Clock Tower and the Cooper Memorial Fountain. Newmarket is the center for horseracing in the United Kingdom. There are two grass tracks on the outskirts of town, the Rowley Mile and the July Course. During the racing season, the National Stud and the National Horseracing Museum on High Street are open for tours.

    The Mildenhall Heritage Trail

    The Mildenhall Heritage Trail celebrates the rich history of RAF Mildenhall, with markers at various buildings of historical interest around the installation.

    In 1929, the people of Mildenhall learned of the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) decision to use the out-lying area of their town as the site of a new style RAF Bomber base. With the local community suffering through a gripping agricultural depression, the news of the airfield offered local people the hope of relief in terms of new employment. Actual construction work on the base began in October 1930 as crews from Fred Hal and Sons of Sutton, Ely, began building the base’s first facility, the office for the Resident Engineer. The first phase of construction brought much needed relief to the depression stricken communities in and around Mildenhall. After taking over the building contract in 1931, the London based construction firm employed numerous locals. However, the firm of Redpath Brown, which built the hangars, brought its own special workforce down from Newcastle. Despite this, a common sight of the times saw as many as a hundred men from various towns and villages queuing outside the various contractors’ offices hoping for work. The initial phase of construction remains in existence today. A good example of these is the base’s first hangars which were built during the initial stages. Due to their size and quality of original construction, they continue to serve the needs of the modern U. S. Air Force. With this in mind, the 100 ARW developed RAF Mildenhall's Heritage Trail, highlighting a varied selection of the base's more significant structures.

    Stops along the Trail

    Building 136: The first building constructed on RAF Mildenhall. Initially, the building housed the station's Resident Engineer and his staff. After construction on the base was complete, the workers remodeled the quarters to serve as a Warrant Officer's married quarters. Today, the building is part of the base's family housing.

    Building 427: Built in 1931 to accommodate single airmen, the barracks had four dormitory rooms to accommodate 12 airmen each. A separate room housed a corporal, who was in charge of the floor he was on. The center part of the building served as the bathroom area. This particular building, like the others around it, face onto Washington Square, which was the station's parade square. The station's airmen paraded at the beginning of each day where they were assigned their day's duties. Notice the Neo-Georgian style roof, common in pre-war RAF buildings, and compare it with Building 422, a barracks that was built four years later. Today, the building is used as the base’s Education Offices.

    Building 424: Built in 1931 as an “Airmen Pilots’ Quarters”. Originally, the building accommodated 14 people. However, during the pre-WWII expansion, workers added a second story to increase the accommodation capacity to 26 single sergeants. Today, the building is used as offices for the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC).

    Building 425: Built in 1931 as the original “Sergeant’s Mess”. This facility accommodated 69 members and provided recreational and dining facilities. Workers added the small western wing in the 1939 expansion of the station. Eventually, the station's growth in personnel resulted in the building of a new facility, placing the “Sergeant’s Mess” in to auxiliary status. Today, the building serves as the base's Library.

    Building 544: Originally built in 1933 as the Station Armory, this facility contained an “Air Ministry Laboratory Bombing Teacher” where bomb aimers could be taught the use of “Course Setting Bomb Sight”. Additionally, the building hosted a “Photographic Block, Gas Respirator” (a test facility), and a Paint Store. The Gateway Inn Maintenance department is currently using this building.

    Building 545: Built in 1931 as the “Main Store and Workshops,” this building housed the logistical heart of the station. Currently, the building is used by the Gateway Inn Resource Management department.

    Building 546: Built in 1931 as the “Crew Room and Locker Room”, this was originally part of a two building complex (the second building has since been demolished) designed to provide flight line facilities for crews. During World War II, the RAF used this facility as a chapel for the Protestant Free Churches, a reminder of which is displayed in the present base Chapel (Bldg 574).

    Building 554: Constructed in 1933, this facility was the station’s Armory. While functioning as the Station Armory, it would have housed several functions relating to maintaining bombs as well as the bombs themselves. Although it has had a verity of occupants over the years, it currently provides a home for the 100th Force Support Squadron.

    Buildings 511 and 512: Constructed in 1931 as “MT Sheds and Yard”, these facilities have been associated with motor transport (MT) storage and maintenance ever since their original construction. The RAF added some of the bays and refueler vehicle garage blocks during the WWII expansion period. Today, the 352d SOG occupies these facilities.

    Building 506: This structure is one of the more “modern” buildings on the Heritage Trail, having been built in 1942 and is known as the Astro Building. This “Dome Teacher” is the best- preserved example of only a handful of such wartime buildings that are still standing. Originally intended for astronavigation (celestial) training for RAF bomber crews, it later served to train ground anti-aircraft gunners. Today, the facility is used by the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron.

    Building 501: Built in 1931, the original facility, a “Type C Guard House,” included the Fire Tender House, Personal Hygiene Room, and Paint and Repair Shop. The Station Guard, made up of duty personnel drawn from a roster, also doubled as the station's Fire Picquet. All personnel wishing to “book out” from the station before proceeding on a typical weekend’s 48-hour pass came to this building and would come under the eagle-eyed scrutiny of the Station Warrant Officer (SWO), the station’s disciplinarian. The original guardroom cell remains in existence within the building. The USAFE-UK Staff Judge Advocate makes its home in this building.

    The historical information regarding the trail is constantly being updated and is thus a “work in progress.” If you see something outdated or incorrect, please notify the 100 ARW History Office.

    The Heritage Trail Map

    RAFM Heritage Trail Map

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