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  • The Gateway Dining Facility


    Beginning Saturday, October 1
    the dining facility will be closed for refurbishment. 

    Check out our list of alternative food options below. 

Gateway Dining Facility

Food Options

Flight Kitchen

The Air Force Services Activity has implemented a new Flight meal program. The purpose of this program is to support future online ordering. Due to this process, flight meals will be priced at the flat rate of $5.50. The order sheet is available below.


  • FK3001

    Ham & Turkey Sub

  • FK3002

    Turkey & Cheese Sub

  • FK3005

    Ham & Cheese Sub

  • FK3011

    Breaded Chicken Burger

  • FK3008

    "Uncrustables" Sandwiches

  • FK3010

    Chef Salad


  • FK3032

    Turkey and Bacon Croissant

  • FK3036

    Ham and Cheese Croissant

  • FK2002

    Breakfast Cereal with Milk


  • FK4030

    Water, Soda, Chips,Nutrigrain Bar, Apple or Orange

  • FK4031

    Gatorade, Water, Carrot/Celery Sticks w/Ranch Dressing, Nutrigrain Bar, Apple or Orange

  • FK3032

    Water, Hummus w/ Pretzel Chips, Apple or Orange, Granola Bar

  • FK3033

    Orange Juice, Apple or Orange, Boiled Eggs (2), Nutrigrain bar

Flight kitchen orders can be made for all ESM customers. Please allow 24 hours notice for and orders with 6 or more Flight Meals and 2 hours notice for orders with 5 or less Flight Meals.

Please send all completed Flight Kitchen Order forms to the Gateway Dining Facility office email. All meals must be picked up through the Flight Kitchen Entrance.

Things to Know

ESM (Essential Station Messing) Guidelines: 
ESM Customers may not receive more than one main entrée serving per transaction through the cashier. ESM members are authorized seconds as an additional Point of Sale (POS) transaction for dine in ONLY.
ESM Customers cannot use carryout meals as a second meal in the same meal period.
ESM Customers may not receive more than two beverages and two snack items (chips, cookies and convenience sundry items) per meal period.

Guests: Spouses and family members are permitted to eat at the facility in times of OTS Open House, Air Force Birthday, weekends, and special holidays. Must be accompanied by the Active Duty member. TDY DoD Civilians have special access to utilize DFAC Facilities.

Dress: Appropriate dress is required before entry. Tarnished/Soiled garments, revealing clothing, unkempt features, bare feet, or exposed undergarments are prohibited. Hats must be removed before entering the building.

Meals: The menu for all DFAC Facilities changes monthly, allowing for more options to cycle through the dining hall. Healthy choices can be found in our facility, as labelled in our Go for Green initiative.

Upcoming Events


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Gateway Inn Dining Facility

Bldg 436, RAF Mildenhall

Hours of Operation

Currently Closed
5 Mar 2024
6 Mar 2024
7 Mar 2024
8 Mar 2024
9 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024
11 Mar 2024

DFAC renovation closure beginning Oct 01, 2022.