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Fuel Card & Rations Card

Number of Allowed Registered Vehicles

Members can only have two vehicles at a time, per household, on their permit unless a Third Vehicle Authorization MFR has been signed by the member’s First Sergeant. Motorcycles count as a vehicle for the household.

Dependent Children are not authorized tax-free fuel unless working on US installation with a guaranteed work schedule of over 20hrs per week.

Fuel Card / UK Driver's License

The fuel card is known as many things on base. You might hear it called Third Air Force License, gas card, USAFE Form 435, and UK driver’s permit.

The fuel card is also the individual’s driver’s license on base. The front side of the fuel card is the driver’s license and the backside of the card is the fuel permit portion.

Lastly, on the back of the fuel card or USAFE Form 435 there is an implied consent section. This means that when you sign Form 3 (Application for USAFE Form 435), if you are suspected of being under the influence, you are giving consent to provide blood, breath, and urine IAW AFR 125-14. Also, according to MILDI 31-218, members are held financially responsible if a vehicle is impounded or towed on base.

Replacing a Fuel Card

The drivers’ fuel card is a controlled item. If lost or mutilated you will need a letter signed by the First Sergeant or Commander to replace it. Any time an update needs to be made you will need to turn in the old card to get a new one.

Gas Stations

Gas Stations can be found on RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath. Fuel cards will be accepted at either. 

Similar to fueling stations around the UK, to obtain fuel on base you must do the following:

  1. Drive up to the pump, with the vehicle facing forward only
  2. Pump selected fuel (note that the petrol handle is green and diesel handle is black)
  3. Bring your fuel card and DoD ID to the outdoor payment window
  4. Pay for your fuel at the outdoor payment window
  5. Then you may move your car to go inside the gas station shoppette

Registering and Adding a Vehicle to the Fuel Card

To register a vehicle and add a British vehicle to your fuel card, take the following items to Pass & Registration:

  • British Insurance Certificate (no policy docs or green cards).
  • MOT Certificate (if the vehicle is over 3 years old)
  • Form V5 (British vehicle registration document).
  • Proof of Road Tax Payment – showing the receipt or email on a phone is acceptable.

Civilians / Contractors Obtaining Tax-Free Fuel

Civilians and contractors must provide a passport containing a civilian component stamp, along with the Letter of Agreement (LoA), showing their entitlement to a driving permit and/or fuel, if relevant.

  • Must be on DoD orders, provide CAC card and orders.
  • Working other agencies that are not here under DOD orders: letter from HRO stating that they work 20+ hours


  • Need a contracting letter from the individual’s contracting officer, and Drivers Fuel Permit will be valid for one year at a time once approved for fuel.

FORAX Fuel Card (Off-Base Fuel)

To purchase fuel off base, members can apply for the FORAX Fuel Card in person at AAFES Mildenhall Customer Service with the required documents.  AAFES will notify members when the FORAX card is available for pickup at Mildenhall Customer Service.

Required Documents:

  1. US Military/Civilian ID.   
  2. Military Star Account; in good standing; sponsor and spouse must be listed on the account.
  3. Current USAFE 435 (Driving Fuel Permit) listing the vehicle to be fueled and the British registration.
  4. Vehicle Registration (V-5). 
  5. A copy of a utility bill showing proof of residence including postcode, if your V-5 does not have the information.
  6. UK Fuel Card agreement (attached, signed by the member).
  7. UK Shell/FORAX Off-Base Fuel Card Rules (attached signed by the member).

Pass & Registration

Contact the Pass & Registration Office

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-5501 / 6093

DSN 238-5501 / 6093

Email [email protected]

Location Bldg 438, Washington Square, RAF Mildenhall.