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Saturday, September 04, 2021, 11:00am - 03:00pm
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RAF Mildenhall AFG team will be hosting weekly Magic the Gathering events!


Saturdays at 12:00 - Draft tournaments, Sealed tournaments, EDHC tournaments and we always welcome side play. Doors open at 11am.


Sundays at 1 pm- Comander Pre-constructed league

Event Rules:
- Minimum 4 players to start the league.
- Minimum 4 players per pod
- Players may assemble or PROXY any official WOTC pre-constructed deck list!
- No changing your commander once the league has started.
- 2 rounds of 1.5 hrs each, on event days.
- Points per week will be 3pts to 1st place and 1 point for 2nd-4th. Then overall points for all 4 weeks will determine the League winner.

Deck Edit Rules:
Weekly Deck edits are allowed, limited on value, not number of cards. Changes may be proxied, same for the deck itself.
- Week 1: Stock
- Week 2: $10 credit in upgrades based on TCG low price.
- Week 3: $10 credit + any unused credit from the previous week.
- Week 4: $10 credit + any unused credit from the previous weeks.

- 2019 Commander Merciless Rage
- 2019 Commander Mystic Intellect
- 2019 Commander Faceless Menace
- More Prizes depending on player participation!


So come out to meet new people that enjoy the game as much as you.

Open to over 18 year olds

Location The Bob Hope Community Center- Air Force Gaming room.
Contact 01638 54 2152

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