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Civilian Personnel Flight

We offer a full range of human resource support for: US appropriated funded; Local National Direct Hire; and US Non-appropriated fund personnel.

RAF Mildenhall Civilian Personnel Services

Where We Serve

  • RAF Alconbury

  • RAF Croughton

  • RAF Feltwell

  • RAF Lakenheath

  • RAF Menwith Hill

  • RAF Mildenhall

  • RAF Molesworth

  • RAF Wellford

  • Stavanger, Norway

Who We Serve

  • US Applicants

  • Non-US Applicants

  • Current LNDH Employees

  • Current Appropriated Funded (GS) Employees

How to Apply

US Applicants

Applicants with US citizenship or visa can search for and apply to available positions on USAJobs by clicking the button below.

Non US Applicants

Current vacancies can be found at the link below. All vacancies must be applied to using the LNDH Application Form. 

FSS is about People

FSS operations serve to support the military community and better the lives of military families.  Providing service with a smile and great customer care is mission essential!

People Make FSS Great

FSS employes are the backbone of many of the fun activies, special events and family support services offered on the base - we could not do it without you!

RAF Mildenhall NAF Human Resources

Where We Serve

  • RAF Mildenhall

Who We Serve

  • US Applicants

  • Current Non-Appropriated Funded (NAF) Employees

Check for current openings and apply online.

NAF Employee Info & Resources

Whether you already work on base or you're looking to join, here’s your one location to find all information and resources for Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF). It's important to know where your pay is going, how you're planning for the future, and to know how the Air Force is taking care of you. You’ll find everything you’ll need to know about how NAF works, pay and benefits, insurance, and more. 

Why NAF?

Human Resources Office

We Need You! Make a Difference and Join the Team
The 100th Force Support Squadron (100 FSS) is responsible for providing the best quality of life programs for the military personnel and their family members assigned to RAF Mildenhall.

Our programs include activities as diverse and challenging as membership clubs, bowling centers, family care facilities (youth, infant, and child), lodging, mortuary affairs, honor guards, dining facilities, skills center and variety of outdoor recreation activities to name just a few. What is Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) Employment: NAF employment is considered federal employment. It is, however, different from appropriated fund/civil service employment. NAF funds are self-generated by Services’ morale, welfare and recreation activities. Appropriated Fund/Civil service positions are paid with monies appropriated by Congress.

We have two types of NAF positions: “Flexible” and “Regular”. Flexible employees have work schedules that depend on the needs of the activity. These employees may work a minimum of zero hours to a maximum of 40 hours per week and do not receive benefits. Regular employees work between 20-40 hours a week depending on position requirements, and NAF regular position benefits offer leave and holiday pay, retirement plan, 401(k), health and life insurance for employees and family members as well.

Need flexibility? Many 100 FSS facilities operate 7 days a week. Positions are available for all shifts on any given day. Many part-time employees are off duty, active-duty military members. Bartenders, youth recreation aid, club operations assistant, and weekend sales clerks are popular positions for off duty personnel.

College bound? NAF has an intern program that takes you directly from college into an entry-level career position. Once placed, you will be provided all the training you need to progress to the target grade of the position. The intern program is a great way to grow and develop your career. The NAF Career Program offers opportunities to work virtually anywhere in the world.

For more information contact the Human Resources Office.

NAF Employment Eligibility & Restrictions

US Citizens

Only US Citizens may work for NAF.

Must be 16 years of age.

Authorized Permanent Residents

Proof of citizenship or authorization to work documentation must be presented prior to hiring.

Within Age Requirements

Some positions have minimum age requirements of 18 and 21.

GS Dual Employment Restrictions

Current full time civil service (GS/Appropriated) employees are not prohibited from NAF employment, however Dual Employment restrictions do not allow an employee to receive compensation from more than one civilian office or position of the Government of the United States for more than an aggregate of 40 hours of work in any one calendar week. Exception: US Postal Service Positions.

AAFES Dual Employment Restrictions

Current full time AAFES fund employees are not prohibited from NAF employment, however Dual Employment restrictions do not allow an employee to receive compensation from more than one civilian office or position of the Government of the United States for more than an aggregate of 40 hours of work in any one calendar week.

Retiree Employment Restrictions

Appropriated fund employees who retired after 30 Mar 94 with an incentive offer are restricted from NAF employment for a period of five years unless the incentive is returned.

Newly Separated from Active Duty Employment Restrictions

Former active duty military members who separated on or after 1 Oct 94 and received Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (VSIP) or Special Separation Benefits (SSB) will forfeit benefits if hired within 180 days of separation.

General Information

NAF Health Benefits Program

Your NAF Health Benefits Program works for you and your family in so many ways – from keeping care affordable to helping you save on products and services that keep you healthy. On this site, you’ll find information about how your Aetna plan works and the tools, programs and resources built-in to support your total health and well-being. Put your plan to work to help you save more money, make smarter choices and live your healthiest life.

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) provides long term care insurance for its enrollees, who are Federal and U.S. Postal Service employees and annuitants, active and retired members of the uniformed services, and their qualified relatives.

NAF Retirement

Learn everything you need to know about NAF Retirement (Basics, Eligibility, Options and more) by clicking on this link.

Want to get a better idea about your retirement pay?
NAF 401k Retirement phone: 1-800-728-3123

NAF 401K

Learn all about your 401k (Basics, Eligibility, and more) by clicking this link. Stay current on your 401k, reallocate funds, request loans, track status of loans by visiting Wells Fargo and creating an account.

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