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90 Days Prior to Departure

Keeping it 100 before, upon, and after your arrival.

100 FSS / M&FRC - Outbound Brief

Start planning your move early!  Attend an EZ PCS outbound briefing 90 days prior to departure to start gathering the information you need.  Spouses are also encouraged to attend. 

Refresh your memory on all the requirements for moving, as processes are likely to have changed since you arrived here.  Briefers include:  Finance, TMO Personal Property, TMO Passenger Terminal, Housing, Pass and Registration, TRICARE, Community Bank, Keesler, and the Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC). 

Find additional relocation assistance if you're preparing to move or PCS on Military One Source

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-3406

DSN 238-3406

Please call M&FRC to sign up at DSN 238-3406 or commercial 01638 543406.

100 FSS / M&FRC - EFMP Family Needs Assessment

Q-Coded Airmen must complete a service plan with the local EFMP Family Support (FS) Coordinator per congressional mandate 10 USC Statute 1781, Section 563.

Contact the Military & Family Readiness Center EFMP-FS Coordinator, to complete a needs assessment and services plan NLT 30 days prior to PCS CONUS/OCONUS. 

Family Needs Assessments are designed to ensure special needs families receive support and a warm hand-off to the gaining EFMP-FS team at their new location. Assessments are normally completed via phone and take approximately 10 minutes.

**Non Q-coded Airmen will be cleared by EFMP-FS, there is no need to contact the M&FRC** 

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-3406

DSN 238-3406

100 LRS / Passenger Travel

Please contact Passenger Travel to schedule an appointment. Provide one copy of your orders and amendments (if applicable) for PCS, retirement or separation.

Please ensure your GTC is active and has sufficient funds.

Your airline reservation will be made at this time. When you receive your itinerary via email, check the details thoroughly. If changes are necessary notify TMO immediately.

Notify TMO Passenger Travel 10 calendar days prior to your official departure date for tickets to be issued.

Call to reserve seats 90 days before RNLTD. Details regarding the Patriot Express (rotator) are available here

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-2061 / 2929

DSN 238-2061 / 2929

Appointment Only: Monday to Friday 9 - 11 am

Walk-in Hours: Monday to Friday 1 - 3 pm

100 LRS / Personal Property

Please provide one copy of your PCS orders as soon as you receive them. If you are shipping wine or a motorcycle, please come in prior to receiving your orders to get a head start on the required documents.

The virtual out-processing checklist will include a link to the Personal Property worksheet which must completed and emailed with a copy of your PCS orders to [email protected].

To help prepare your Household Goods for the upcoming move see these areas of the Military Installation page (It’s Your Move, HHG Shipping Process, Pets): Military One Source

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-2201 / 2202

DSN 238-2201 / 2202

Walk-in Hours: Monday to Friday 1- 3 pm

Customer service hours: Monday to Friday 9 am - 3 pm

100 SFS / Pass & Registration

All vehicles must be deregistered (scrapped, exported, sold) prior to your appointment.  Please call to check which vehicles are still on your account.  The appointment will be made 3 days BEFORE your MPF final-out appointment.  You must call at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule an appointment.  If exporting vehicles, you need to make an initial appointment to pick up your Form 430s for the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC).  Vehicle must pass the inspection and stay with VPC for shipment before Pass and Registration staff can sign-off on outprocessing list. 

Additional items: (1) Original DD Form 2586 (located with your Unit Security Manager) and the Restricted Area Badge, (2) USAFE Form 435 Driving/Fuel Permit plus Dependent’s permit, (3) copy of your Orders, (4) out-processing checklist, (5) forms to show proof of vehicle handling (examples: email from DVLA for a sold vehicle, stamped Form 430s from VPC, V5 for exports, V5 for a sold vehicle with new keeper’s information).     

If you are selling a concession (imported) vehicle, paperwork must be completed at the Pass and Registration office with the buyer. The buyer must be an entitled member and cannot be a British national unless the seller or buyer wants to pay for the taxes. Tax assessments are accomplished through Pass and Registration.  If you are scrapping a concession (imported) vehicle, you must make an appointment with Pass and Registration to complete Form 5 prior to the vehicle going to the Scrap Yard/Dismantlers.   

Members are only authorized to ship one concession vehicle per military member.  All other vehicles must be paid for by members through a private shipping company (located upstairs in Mildenhall VPC).

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-5501 / 6093

DSN 238-5501 / 238-6093

100 FSS / Post Office

Up to 90 days prior to departure, but NLT 5 days prior, please visit the Post Office page and download the RAFM Post Office worksheet. Complete and digitally sign the worksheet with your CAC, then submit it with an attached copy of your orders to [email protected]

Ensure you collect all remaining mail prior to your departure.

Failure to out process will result in your mail being returned to sender.

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-7678

DSN 238-POST (7678)

48 MDG / Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) - Medical, Special Needs Coordinator (SNC)

All Active Duty members must complete this process.

Step 1 – The active duty AF service member is notified of a new assignment. 

This assignment notification should guide you to log into vMPF to complete an “Initial Notification of Assignment Briefing”.

Meanwhile, your assignment must be loaded by your MPF so you will be assigned an Assignment Number (this is important for processing your case through the MyVector system and eventually cutting your orders).


Step 2 – Once you have completed the briefing on vMPF you will receive a vMPF notification page guiding you to MyVector to complete a questionnaire.

Meanwhile, Outbound Assignments at your base (your RAF Mildenhall MPF) will load your vMPF Virtual Out-Processing Checklist. 


Step 3 – Visit My Vector on a Chrome browser and click enter.

It will either take you to the screen where you can log on (if you have already created an account in MyVector) OR it will take you to a screen for sign up. Click Sign Up on the right-hand sign and follow the directions.

Step 4 – Now the system starts to delineate between who has dependents and who does not.  

All dependents listed in DEERS must be included in your clearance process, regardless of where they are located in the world.  They may be geographically separated from you, but as long as they are not legally separated (and therefore no longer under you in DEERS) then you still have dependents and you need to carry on through the process, even if they are not traveling with you to your next assignment.

If you do not have dependents you will not have a travel screening assigned to you.

If you have dependents, you should now be prompted within your MyVector dashboard with a Notification/Alert that an “Assignment Travel Screening is Required”

Click on the blue “Click Here” to begin the screening process.

*If you (the active duty AF member) are not seeing the alert notification and you are logged into a Chrome browser, try logging out and back into the system.  If you still do not see this please reach out to your local EFMP Medical office so your EFMP Medical team can check your status from their side (within MyVector) under their projected PCS Personnel Tabs. 

If you appear on this tab as =>  member is “pending status”, then your EFMP Medical team may be able to assign your Assignment Travel Screener as long as you are at least 8 months from your RNLTD.

Commercial +44 (0)1638-52-8954

DSN 226-8954