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60 Days Prior to Departure

Keeping it 100 before, upon, and after your arrival.

48 CES / Housing Office

Housing briefings are provided during the EZ PCS outbound orientation (contact M&FRC for details.)  Attend this as soon as possible to gather important housing information.

Contact the Housing Office upon notification of PCS, separation, or retirement.

At least 30-45 days notice is required to set up pre-inspections and final inspections.

Ensure you are aware of all requirements for vacating your housing, whether it’s Military Family Housing or Community Housing.  Read contract conditions, verify rental payments and any outstanding bills.

Notify the landlord/agent in writing, at least 30-40 days prior to vacating community housing if using the military clause.  Written notification must reach the landlord/agent 30 days prior to the desired date of termination if you’re in a periodic tenancy (the notice must coincide with your rent due dates.)

Provide the community clearance letter signed and dated by the landlord, to the Housing Office to accomplish an Overseas Housing Allowance stop.

For more details email the team at [email protected], and review a wealth of information from the Air Force Housing Site.

Many cell phone companies and other utility companies require at least 30 days' notice to exit a contract. Please bear this in mind and ensure you give plenty of notice. 

Commercial +44 (0)1638 52 2101

DSN 314-226-2101

48 CES / Housing Office – Furnishings Management

Contact FMS to schedule pick up of temporary furniture and appliances for Duration of Tour and loaner items.  Contact FMS 30-days prior but not less than 10-days prior to the departure date.

Also, contact FMS to request loaner furniture for up to 90 days prior to vacating housing.

Commercial +44 (0)1638 52 7030

DSN 314-226-7030

For questions, contact FMS Customer Service or email:  [email protected].

100 CES / Unaccompanied Housing Office

For Dorm residents, contact the UHO to schedule a pre-inspection 30 days before the departure date with the Dorm Leader.  Residents cannot depart the base if they have not out-processed the dorms and completed a final inspection.

Commercial +44 (0)1638-54-5735

DSN 314-226-5735

RAF Feltwell Veterinary Treatment Facility

Ensure you are registered with the RAF Feltwell Veterinary Clinic to receive their support services.

Call the clinic to ensure your pet’s rabies vaccination is valid and to get more information about your pet's upcoming relocation.

RAF Feltwell Veterinary Treatment Facility

Commercial +44 (0)1638-52-7097

DSN 314-226-7097

or email [email protected]